Roland Gagel-Luthier-Freiburg/FRG






current offers

Insight into my workshop in the „DIVA-Haus für Kunst und Handwerk“ in Freiburg / FRG

A left-hand-version for all instruments is available free- of-charge

For all Instruments you can choose from the following woods:

for the soundboard: Black Forest Spruce, European Spruce, Canadian Red Cedar

for the back and sides:
Eastindian Rosewood, Santos Rosewood*, Flamed Maple, Quilted Maple, Birdseye Maple, Cherrytree, Walnut and others

for the necks: Cedrela* or Honduras- Mahogany*, Birdseye and Flamed Maple*,

Lutes-ribs: Plumtree, Flamed Ash, Flamed Maple, Cherrytree, Birdseye Maple, Eastindian Rosewood

Also restaurations oder repairs of all kinds of plugged instruments  are in good hands with me.

If you like to test my instruments, you are invited, either to visit me  in my workshop or at one of my next instrument exhibitions

*certified according to the forest stewardship council (fsc)